Thursday, 16 August 2012

Facebook, And My Thoughts Regarding It

To each their own.  Some people adore Facebook.  They love to play the "apps", "Poke" their friends and loved ones, and search through photo album after photo album.  Others say, "if I need to know how my friends are, I'll call them"...or "why do I care what people are doing if they aren't a part of my life anymore?". 

Me, personally?  I love it.  For a number of reasons.  My husband immigrated to Canada on September 25, 2001.  Prior to that, I lived with him in Amsterdam for ten months.  During those ten months I had a wonderful opportunity to meet and create friendships with his life-long friends.  They were (and still are) wonderful people.  I love each of them and I am so happy I had the chance to get to know each of them.  I miss them often.  But through Facebook, I feel like I am still with them!  Whether it's a status update about the horrible summer weather in Amsterdam (sorry guys!), or new photos of their children we've never met...I feel like I am living life with them even though an ocean parts us. 

Beautiful Amsterdam

I have always had a passion for photography.  My husband and I take countless numbers of photos of just about anything - though our daughter is our favourite subject.  "Oh, a squirrel!!!""A flower!!!""A bird on a wire!!!"  We are "snap happy".  Guilty and proud of it.  You want photos taken of your kids birthday party?  Just invite'll be guaranteed 200+ photos.  We went away this summer to the cottage of good friends of ours - for two nights.  500+ photos later, we made some wonderful memories and caught them all on camera to forever remember.  So OF COURSE I'm going to "post" some of these photos on Facebook.  And I get excited doing it.  I anxiously walk into our home after being to an event.  I quickly download the photos onto our computer and then start the daunting task of picking out the "best" photos to upload to my new Facebook album.  For the 500+ photos we took that cottage weekend away, I posted approximately 100 photos.  You don't want to post them ALL.  Just the best of the best.  It's such an awesome way to stay connected with those who live afar, but also with my friends who live across town.  
 "Bird on a Wire"...taken by Sarah
People make jokes about "status updates".  "Do I REALLY need to care that you are going to bed right now?...Do I REALLY need to know what you made for dinner?".  Well, no, I guess not.  But why let that bother you?!  I LOVE to read my friends talk about the delicious BBQ they are excited to have that night...or that they bought a new car and feel proud...or that they are first-time homeowners and want to yell it to the world!  I get excited FOR them!  I even get the shivers - really, I do.  I proudly "LIKE" their status and give them a "WOO HOO!!!"...because I genuinely care. 

I also love the status updates that are about something, but nothing at the same time.  The "witty updates".  The ones that make me laugh out loud, or "LOL".  My friend, Tara, wins with this one.  I am guaranteed a good laugh when I read her status.  It reminds of "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey", from the old Saturday Night Live episodes.  And who doesn't need a good laugh half way through the day?!  If you are a "friend" of someone like Tara, you'll be one happy person when she turns that frown upside down with a simple status update. 

I'm not a "Facebook Addict".  I don't play the games or "apps", I don't join countless groups, and I don't spend hours searching for new friends so I can hit "200 Friends" (although many have upwards of 1000, or more).  I am "Friends" with those I am interested in.  I am "Friends" with people I would enjoy bumping in to at the mall.  But until I bump in to them, I at least have a way to stay in touch.  It's incredible that we live in a society now where in a matter of minutes and few clicks of buttons, we can share our daughter's birthday with 100+ others...including those overseas.  How lucky are we?!  I know I feel fortunate that I can see photos of my husband's family in Greece, or our nieces and nephews we have yet to meet (or haven't seen since they were little kids...and are now teenagers).  It's an inexpensive way to stay in touch.

So don't be quick to knock it!  It's not for everyone, but those who do choose to "join" the world of Facebook may just have some great reasons to do so!  I bet you wish you could "like" this post, eh?  "LOL".  


  1. I love taking pictures too!! And since I too live hundreds of miles from friends and family, I love that Facebook allows me to keep tabs on them in a way a phone call can't. I get to see their smiles, their new haircut, a new outfit. Everyday moments, if they like. Plus, other friends can comment and it can start random threads that are fun. I totally "get" Facebook and use it for its intended use. Further, my friends love that I post frequently because they feel like I am there and that they know how I am doing. And for those that I am not close with who find my frequent posts annoying? Just unfollow me. I have already unfollowed a ton of people who I would never talk to on the street if I bumped into them. I am sure you understand Sarah!