Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Oh What A Night.

I am now settling down after a good, therapeutic cry.  I really let it out tonight - this cry required me to "hide in the guest bedroom so hopefully no one here's me wail".  Whew!  These past 48 hours have been eventful to say the least.  It all started with sudden stomach pains two nights ago.  I was folding some laundry when suddenly this pulsating pain came on the right side of my abdomen.  The pain had started earlier as lower gas-like cramps after dinner.  I walked around the basement and told myself "it's just a new pain...nothing to worry about".  But what I really was thinking was "new pain...on the right side...near my navel...oh my goodness I am going to have my appendix taken out...which means I'll be put under (anaesthetic has Benzodiazepines in it, so if I take it I COULD set myself back recovery-wise)...which means I'll need antibiotics after surgery (antibiotics often play on the same GABA as Benzodiazepines do...which means I COULD set myself back again!)...which means I'M SCREWED!".  Talk about "what if" thinking!

Fast forward to 24 hours later.  Last night my daughter had a friend over after school.  I walked them home.  Made them a yummy dinner (their words) which consisted of 1/2 a grilled cheese with Gouda cheese and Sourdough Bread, and a side dish of homemade spaghetti and meatballs.  The dishes were practically licked clean.  For dessert?  Good old processed chocolate.  Aero balls and Smarties.  The girls were happy.  But the entire time, the pain was worsening.  It radiated from my ovaries to the navel and at times was a dull ache and other times was a sharp pain.  After "Googling" the location of the appendix, and researching signs and symptoms, my husband and I decided it was best to get it checked out.  So at 8pm I walked into the packed waiting room of our small town's small hospital.  The paint is chipped off the walks, it smells...stale, and people were coughing left, right and centre.  Perfect.  A friend came to sit with me so my husband could stay at home with our daughter.  We talked, and talked...and talked, till finally at 11:30pm I was taken to an examination room.  Blood work and urine samples were taken.  I found out I had a TINY trace of blood in my urine and an even tinier trace of infection.  So nothing could be done.  I was asked to go home to sleep and come back at 8am for more blood work and an ultrasound.  It was 1:30am when my friend and I left the hospital.  I came home, cried from exhaustion and pain and went to bed.  The clock woke us up at 7am.  I slowly got up and had a nice, hot shower.  And off to the hospital we went!

Blood work was done (the most amazing nurse ever...I didn't feel the needle go in OR out! - I made sure to tell her - I think it made her day as she walked out with a skip to her step), and then I had an x-ray and ultrasound.  An hour or two later, the results were in...I have evidence of ruptured cysts on both ovaries as well as pooling of fluid around both ovaries.  There is 1 new cyst in tact though it looks ready to rupture (4cm).  And...2 gallstones!  Gallstones?!  I was shocked.  And then I cried.  And then I apologized to the doctor for crying and said, "I'm just really tired out".  She gave me a sympathetic nod and understood.  Now, my gallbladder shows no evidence of being in distress.  I have never had an attack before, so that is a good thing.  Although I will see my family doctor on Friday to discuss it with her, the ER doctor felt I wouldn't need surgery at this point - if ever.  I'm hoping she is right.  I'd like to keep my gallbladder if possible.

I am overtired now, and still in pain from the cyst.  I had my good cry and now I think my mind can rest tonight.  The one thing I need to note is that I handled this all SO well.  Not to toot my own horn, but the "Old Sarah" would have been having diarrhea, crying in the waiting room and unable to handle all the stress of these past 2 days.  The "New Sarah" was nervous, and I shook like crazy while they took my blood (I have no fear of needles...but it made it all "real" when they took the blood - I was scared of the results), but I did it!  I didn't have a nervous stomach, I didn't have to go the washroom once, and I just "rolled with it".  You want me in ultrasound?  Sure!  Oh, I need to go pee in this cup now?  Why not?!  You want my blood?  Go for it!  So I'm not surprised that tonight I needed to finally let it all out.  I feel extra sleepy now and I hope for a solid night's sleep.  I hope to beat the gallstones naturally and already have read that the lemon water I've been drinking for almost 2 weeks is PERFECT for shrinking the stones. 

When life brings you lemons...make lemonade!  I just happen to skip the sugar when I make mine. 

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  1. Oh my goodness Sarah - You've been through so much!! I'm happy things are managable without surgery - hugs :)