Saturday, 31 March 2012

Emergency Room Update

Yesterday I had a visit with my family doctor to discuss the findings of my blood and urine work as well as the ultrasound and abdominal x-ray.  I really like my new family doctor.  She tells you ALL the facts and is extremely thorough.  She doesn't roll her eyes at me when I turn down medication - though she is sure to tell me why she feels medication MAY be best. 

My urine work came back positive for infection.  She said that UTI's can become quite serious if left untreated and she would be interested in writing up a prescription for me.  The "old Sarah" would have said, "Okay...whatever you say".  The "new Sarah" said this:

"Well, as soon as the hospital told me that a small trace of bacteria had been found in my urine, I immediately upped my water intake and started taking cranberry pills.  I haven't had any symptoms of an infection so what I was wondering was, is it instead possible to test my urine again to see if the infection is still lingering?  I'd hate to take an antibiotic if it wasn't really necessary."

"Okay then", she said, "but when did you get diagnosed with the UTI?"

"Tuesday", I replied.

"So that's (counts her fingers) 4 days now...and you are symptom free?  No signs whatsoever of a UTI?"

"Correct", I replied.

"Okay then.  We will do another urine test to see if the infection is still there".

Now, in the meantime, I also knew that IF my natural remedies weren't going to work, I would want to be prepared going into the weekend so I requested a prescription just in case.  HOWEVER, antibiotics can wreak havoc on your Central Nervous System during benzo withdrawal.  There is one family of antibiotics that are notorious for setting people back weeks - even months - when taken during benzo withdrawal. These are the Quinolones antibiotics.  So I explained this to my doctor and she nodded in agreement (though was not aware of this) and wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic that was NOT a Quinolone.  The "old Sarah" would not have felt comfortable asking this in fear that the doctor would think she was "dumb". 

A urine test was done and I anxiously waited for my results knowing very well there could still be some infection and I'd have to work very hard this weekend at doing everything possible to fight it naturally.  I was worried about the infection worsening and possibly causing fever and backaches.  My name was called to reception where the reception flashed me a big smile and said, "you're clear!".  NO UTI!!!  SOOOOO...had I NOT requested a 2nd urine test to be completed, I would have been sent home to take antibiotics that were in fact NOT needed!!!  This is why we have to be on top of our OWN health concerns.  We don't have to doubt everything our doctor tells us, but we should research it - question it. 

As far as my ovarian cysts and gallstones are concerned, my doctor was more concerned about the recurrence of the ovarian cysts and the size in which they seem to be growing more recently.  She asked me to book an appointment with the specialist she sent me to last year for a second opinion and I'm okay with that.  The specialist was very understanding of my choice to be as med-free as possible, so I know this appointment shouldn't be too much of an issue - although other than giving me the birth control pill or other hormonal shots, I really don't know what else can be done.  I'll choose to just live with it instead - I can still function. 

The gallstones were discussed and she fully agreed with me.  At this point I am asymptomatic, so why bother sending me for surgery if my gallbladder is in fact healthy.  There are 2 small stones floating freely, and I know the signs of an attack.  IF I experience a gallbladder attack, then she said I can always change my mind and she would then send me to a surgeon to discuss options.  I am going to still with drinking my lemon water, staying away from too much refined sugar, staying away from fats, and adding more apples and other healthy veggies and fruits into my diet.  I figure my diet has already improved so much these past two years that there's a chance my body has already naturally broken down these 2 stones.  Perhaps they were even bigger 1 year ago and I didn't know it!  I also requested to have a followup ultrasound in 3-6 months to see if in fact my body is doing what it needs to do to decrease the size of the stones and/or keep them from growing larger.

A very positive doctor's appointment.  I stood up for myself, and my doctor was quite receptive.  I could have had  a 5 minutes appointment where I just nodded my head in agreement and walked out with the prescription in hand ready to take...but instead I stayed for 10-15 minutes and explained "my case" to her.  And although it wasn't about "winning" my case, I feel proud that I have more backbone nowadays and was able to have a voice.   And now, I don't have to go see a surgeon and I don't have to take antibiotics!  What a week!!!

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