Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's The Little Things...Again

My daughter is truly awesome.  That's all I can say.  She wrote me a note and attached was a poem, and I'd like to share:

Dear Mommy,
I made this cinquain poem for you because when you have hard times, just know that I love you and if you need someone to talk to, there's always me!  Love, ****

A Cinquain Poem for my mom (Sarah)!!!!!!

Awesome, Brave
Helping, Dancing, Cooking
Going through things

My daughter is 8 years old, and has more empathy than most adults.  Being honest with our children when we are personally going through difficult times can clearly only benefit them.  My daughter is not left harmed by watching her mom have 5 hour panic attacks or crying spells that go on for a full afternoon.  Instead she is a strong young girl who can pick up on emotion quicker than most and has the heart the size of a blue whale (it has the largest heart of any animal...the size of a VW Beetle).  She doesn't panic when she sees mommy upset.  She worries like anyone else would, but she also knows her mommy is strong and will pull through.  She hugs me, rubs my back, and tells me I'll be okay. This experience has also taught her that if mommy and daddy are so open and honest, then SHE can be open and honest.  Everything is shared in our home.  Feelings are expressed even if we feel they might be silly feelings.  Because in reality, all feelings are real to the person experiencing them.

My daughter is special and I am lucky. 

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