Friday, 24 February 2012

Friends For Life.

I am blessed with amazing friends.  Friends who I have known since grade school, and friends I have made through my daughter.  My "School Moms".  Each of them is unique.  We don't all share the same interests, but we take interest IN each others interests.  We may not agree on religion and politics, but we can debate and still love each other after (all the while laughing).  And we may not all have similar life stresses, but we will drop everything we are doing and put our own concerns aside to lift each other up when the other has fallen.

I remember when I was at my worst last year and crumbling on a daily basis, I could always count on my friends to take my phone calls.  They knew they may get a sobbing and slightly hysterical Sarah on the other line, but they didn't care.  They listened and even sometimes cried with me.  Whether it was texting my husband to ask, "is she okay now?", or calling him in the evening to say, "I know she's not up to talking, but I just want to know how she is?", they were always there (and still are). 

My "School Moms" were there to help with pick ups and drop offs for my daughter last year.  They never questioned my last minute phone calls..."Can you please bring her to school...I don't think I can do this".  With a quick, "Yep, NO problem...I'll be there", I'd hang up the phone and they'd arrive 10 minutes later to pick her up.  It meant the world to me during a time when I felt like I was worth close to nothing.  They never made me feel silly or weird.  No questions were asked.  It was just known that this would be a long journey and Sarah would need help from time to time. 

True friends don't judge you by your weaknesses.  They instead believe that your weakness is what makes you strong and beautiful.  This is what my friends do.  I love each of them for who they are.  I am proud to say "we are friends", and  I thank each of them for the love and patience they have given me.  

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