Sunday, 1 January 2012

It's The Little Things...

This week has been tough...nausea, panic attacks, anger, frustration, LOTS of tears, loss of appetite and nerve pain.  But then a little 8 year old girl walks into my bedroom one evening as I cry and cry, and she leaves a special note for me.  Several of these little notes have been left for me over the course of this past year...each one of them special.  And during the time it takes me to read it, everything goes away.  Even for just a moment, I get relief.  Followed by a smile on my face, a "thank you" and a hug.

Thank you to my daughter...who amazes me with her resilience, empathy and caring nature.  Even during difficult times, we need to give our children more credit.  They may have little bodies...but they have big hearts.  

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