Saturday, 21 January 2012

Colour Therapy

I love colour.  And I love natural light. Our home is painted in a lot of greyish-taupe, with pops of colour such as deep purple, scarlet red and grass cloth green

My daughter and I decided it was time for a colour change in her room last year.  She still loved the pretty pale purple walls, but was ready for something more "8 year old".  She had full control, and in the end chose dark purple for 2 walls, and orange for the other 2 walls.  It looked awesome.  Cozy, warm and funky.  However, after a year we learned that it sucked all the natural light out of her room.  So recently we decided once again it was time for a change and we needed to lighten things up.  She knew right away what she wanted.  White walls.  White?  Yes, white.  And 1 accent wall, which she chose orange for.  That was perfect because our intention was to keep the wall behind her bed as the "accent wall", and it was already orange...which meant I only had to paint 3 walls instead of 4. 

In the past 36 hours, I have painted 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of paint.  The paint we chose is "Inspirational White" by CIL.  We are SO happy with it and plan on using it for our basement renovation this Spring.  The room is complete - aside from hanging her curtains (which are purple).  Her room is lighter, brighter and still funky.  I call it her "Little Bohemian Retreat".  She and her friend have spent the majority of the day up there so I gather it's a hit. 

Painting her room has been a great distraction for me during a very frustrating time.  I enjoy painting - the outcome especially.  I put on some good music and away I go.  Completely in the "paint zone".  And did you know that orange is a great colour to add to your home if you are fighting depression?  It brings on enthusiasm as well as warmth.

Here - minus the curtains and future "art" - is the finished product.  A room fit for a special 8 year old girl.  

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