Monday, 21 November 2011

Nurturing From Inside Out

Cold and flu season.  My daughter is in grade school and brings home plenty of germs each day.  Since coming off of Benzodiazepines and SSRI's, I have been on a bit of a "mini mission" to discover new ways to help myself and family through anything from a simple cold to an ear infection to a headache.  Although I wouldn't say I am fully anti-medication, I think there are times we are too quick to ask for a prescription.

Case #1.  My daughter had a bad ear ache last Spring.  Was it an infection?  I don't know because we never took her to the doctor.  Instead we put garlic oil drops and raw garlic cloves in her ears.  My mom practised some Reiki on her ears and within 10 minutes the pain was gone.  I attribute the fast pain relief to the Reiki treatment and the garlic helped it from worsening.  She stopped complaining of ear pain within 24 hours and the worst of it was over before that.

Case #2.  This week, my daughter and I both started to feeling a sore throat coming on.  Within 12 hours I could feel that annoying itchy, sore and swollen feeling in the back of my throat.  I could also feel the mucous draining in the back of my throat.  I started giving my daughter 1 raw clove of garlic crushed into her soup.  It's important to have it as close to its rawest state, so I add it after the soup has been heated through.  My daughter never complains of the taste and other than needing a glass of water to "wash away the heat", she seems to enjoy the added flavour to her food.  I also up her intake of Vitamin D and she always takes a daily Multi and Calcium.  For myself, I take most of my garlic through capsules as it proves to be harsh on my stomach.  That with some extra Vitamin C, a good quality Green Tea and lots of water, and the worst was over after 24 hours. 

This past year has put a lot of stress on my body and stress is proven to lower the immune system.  Looking back I am shocked I wasn't sick more often.  I look at what I did to keep my immune system as strong as possible and this is the list of things I did to help:
  • Lots of water and NO juice and/or pop
  • Green Tea - a high quality one like Dragon's Well (sold in health food stores)
  • Ginger Tea
  • Vitamin C...many time vitamins would rev up the side effects, but I never had a problem with Vitamin C
  • Raw Garlic, crushed in food - or in my case, garlic capsules
  • Cutting back on sugar as sugar creates a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Little to no fried foods
  • Plenty of fruits and veggies - my favourites being kiwi, unsweetened applesauce, bell peppers, cucumber and tomatoes
As I begin to heal more over the next few months, I plan on adding more exercise to my list of "healthy to do's".  I walk every day, but look forward to lifting weights and doing some more cardio.  I miss doing these things and know it will be a great way to burn off some of the unwanted adrenaline.

When this journey began, I had already made some positive changes such as cutting out 100% of the pop I drank as well as fried and fatty foods.  The last time I entered a McDonalds for ME was approximately 2  years ago and I have no intentions of returning.  I have been so blessed to have people enter my life who have opened my eyes to a healthier life style.  They have given my family wonderful tips and are a phone call away if need be.  I also have enjoyed doing much research on line with my husband.  We get so excited to learn about ways to help a headache without opening a bottle of Advil, or discovering foods to eat that will lower blood pressure (walnuts).  We are excited that our daughter now takes a keen interest in her own health and well being.  She even asked me to stop ordering her pizza on pizza day at school because she finds it too greasy and she doesn't think it's very good for her. 

Making healthier choices has benefited my family so much.  I love knowing that even though my body feels "broken" inside right now, it's probably the healthiest it's ever been!  I still indulge once in awhile and I love chocolate...but now, I try to make my own chocolate chip oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip banana bread.  That way I get my "sweet chocolate fix", all while knowing what went into my treat!  And nothing beats a good Kit Kat  or BOXED chocolate chip cookies once in awhile. 

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